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All of the work on this site was done at home, using our home computers and home time. This site does not represent the position of any organization, and in our work on this site, we do not represent any organization (except of course the Global Social Change Research Project).  

A web site of
The Global Social Change Research Project

This project was created by Gene Shackman, Applied Sociologist.
Send feedback or comment to me at   gsociology at yahoo (dot) com

The social change site is an ICAAP supported site
ICAAP is The International Consortium for the Advancement of Academic Publication 
ICAAP is supported by Athabasca University

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The project and our reports are also listed at these  web sites including the American Sociological Association Section on Economic Sociology, and Section on Peace, War and Social Conflict , and the International Sociological Association Research Committee on Social Transformations and Sociology of Development, the Economics Network of the UK's Higher Education Academy and many others.

This project is also an affiliate of the International Relations IR Theory web site

We also signed the Istanbul Declaration a declaration of commitment to measuring and fostering the progress of societies in all dimensions, with the ultimate goal of improving policy making, democracy and citizens’ wellbeing.

This site also follows the Consumer Reports Webwatch Guidelines, and we are listed on the compliant sites page. Guidelines are here  

We also follow these guidelines:

trustworthy web siteTrustworthy website.


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