Basic Profiles and History
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Basic Profiles

Most countries

CIA World Fact Book   Best source for very brief descriptions of every country of the world.  Info on location, geography, climate, demography, economy, infrastructure.

BBC has a country profiles page   


Global Edge   Michigan State University


Regions or specific countries

Asian Development Bank    See their Asian Development Outlook books:    Also see the current Key Indicators at

Middle East Directory   has brief descriptions of countries, including government, geography, etc. The descriptions are near the bottom of the page.

African people and culture   Brief cultural overview of several African countries.

Telling Our Story   "is our effort to let everyone see the impact of USAIDís work and meet the people whose lives it changed"  Each 'story' is a brief story about a single local thing, with a picture.


General History sites

Economic History Service    has many book reviews at    Some books reviewed include Business History and Business Culture  by Godley, Andrew and Oliver M. Westall    The Evolution of International Business: An Introduction  by Jones, Geoffrey     Economic Growth and Change: National and Regional Patterns of Convergence and Divergence  by Adams, John and Francesco Pigliaru, editors and Taking the Risk out of Democracy: Corporate Propaganda Versus Freedom and Liberty   by Carey, Alex

Library of Congress list of resources for teachers for world history   links to bunches of sites, like on line texts, links to links, etc.

The Center for History and New Media (CHNM) at George Mason University   links to a bunch of resources about history

Emayzine    some brief lectures on world history.  Click on the lectures pages.  From Eric Meyer at Victory Valley College. See for the history faculty page.


World History   on line history ebook notes from frank smitha, ancient to modern. is listed here, among many other places.   see resources  

World History for Us All   nice brief overview of world history, divided into 'eras'.

The library of congress country studies also have history summaries.

Internet History sourcebook   links to links. Divided into sections such as Ancient History, Medieval, Modern, and also regional history sourcebooks.

Avalon Project   documents in history, law, politics

Specific areas or countries:

The History Guide   contains lectures on european history, for example, Lectures on Twentieth Century Europe at    Also has very nice guide to studying history, some interesting quotes on why study history, and links to resources for historians. The Historyguide site is by Steven Kreis, professor of history at American Public University System   

Twenty-five lectures on modern Balkan history   Lectures by Steven W. Sowards on recent history of the Balkans.  A lot of the topics are about political change in the 19th and 20th century, and recent events.  Includes a section on Economic and social changes in Balkan life.

Asia for Educators   teaching units on China and Japan.


Condensed China   According to the author, this is "an introduction to Chinese history. It exists to inform, enlighten, and attract netizens interested in China."  The author also notes "It is not a complete history of China."  Prepared by Paul Frankenstein.  This site also includes a bibliography of books to read.

Collapse    a site by Annenberg/CPB, briefly describing the collapse of four civilizations, Maya, Mesopotamia, Chaco Canyon and Mali and Songhai, and giving indications of why they collapsed.

Japan guide's history page   This site gives very brief overview of Japanese history.  The home site is

History of cambodia    brief overviews, see especially the Banyan tree. By Bruce Sharp and others.

history of Taiwan   from the Taiwan government, click on About Taiwan, then click on history, or people, or other topics.

Taiwan's 400 years of history    overview of history.

Elaborations, Revisions, Dissents: Alfred D. Chandler, Jr.'s The Visible Hand after Twenty Years

Digital history has guided readings on US history at

brief history of the internet    from the internet society.

Story of Africa   from BBC

Israel   mostly recent history.

Formation of Israel   and the next section  

History of Hamas   updated 2012, from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

Crisis Guide: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict  Also from the CFR, up to 2009

A couple of documents about the conflicts in Israel and the middle east include these:
    British White Paper of 1939   about British's promise of a "Jewish home" but not a Jewish state.
    Hamas covenant     which says, in the second paragraph, "Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it"

A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust    includes a timeline at    which gives a brief history of the Holocaust.  This site is from the Florida Institute of Technology.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum   has a history of the holocaust, as well as links to info about genocide throughout the world, among various groups.

Holocaust Remembrance Day   from the UN. Some history, educational material, etc.


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last updated 8/17/14 is supposed to have a listing of reviews of significant work in twentieth-century economic history, at  This includes reviews of  Karl Polanyi's The Great Transformation: The Political and Economic, Origins of Our Time,  Fernand Braudel's Civilization and Capitalism, 15th-18th Century Time and Joseph A. Schumpeter'sCapitalism, Socialism and Democracy.  I'm checking to see whether it's still there