Journals About Global Social Change
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Africa Development   from the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa.  Another of their journals is African Journal of International Affairs    The home pages of these journals list their other journals too.

African Development Bank has publications   including the African Statistical Journal, African Development Review and others.

ADRRI Journals    "are international, double blind peer-reviewed, journals published as the official journals of the Africa Development and Resources Research Institute(ADRRI), Ghana. The journals aim to publish papers ... across a broad international coverage of the subject ... which cover all aspects of the environmental, labour economics, economics in general,gender studies, child rights, social, and cultural sustainability"  Journals include
   Journal of Arts and Social Science  
   Journal of Agriculture and Food Sciences   
   and a couple of others

African Studies Quarterly    some articles include "State Collapse and Reconstruction in Central Africa" (1997), "Globalizing Land and Food in Zimbabwe: Implications for Southern Africa" (2003), "Human Rights and State Transition" (2000).

Antipodean electronic journal of world affairs    articles include "Global America Will the Unipolar Moment Pass?  New Perspectives For A New Millennium Local, National, Regional and Global" (1999) (I'm not sure if this journal is still publishing)

Asia-Pacific Development Journal   At present, this only shows the current journal. I'm not sure how to get previous volumes

Aurora   Interviews with Leading Thinkers and Writers

Comparative Population Studies   "peer-reviewed interdisciplinary scientific journal on demography and population studies"

Contemporary Economic Policy   A Journal of the Western Economic Association International. Some of the articles are free to read. One recent article - free to read- (January 2014) was Economic Freedom of the World: an Accounting of the Literature. By Joshua Hall and Robert Lawson. 

Economics Bulletin   has a number of articles of interest, like Fumitaka Furuoka and Qaiser Munir. Population growth and standard of living: A threshold regression approach. 2011, Vol. 31 No.1, and a volume on  Economic Development, Technological Change, and Growth (volume 15) with some articles of interest, such as "Communication costs, network externalities, and long-run growth".  This journal is from Vanderbilt University. The editor and founding editor are from there.

Finance and Development   Not just about finance. Includes articles about education, unemployment, etc.

Globality Studies  This journal "is an open access journal committed to interdisciplinary analyses of global history and society, global civilization and local cultures."

Global-e   global-e aims to provide a forum for commentary regarding global events, processes, and issues. Each edition will feature brief essays authored by leading scholars and practitioners, offering provocative reflections on a range of topics with the aim of stimulating discussion among the global studies community.

Governance in Africa   This is an "open-access and peer-reviewed journal offering original research, expert commentary and policy briefings on a number of themes relevant to contemporary governance in Africa. Its objective is to build and consolidate knowledge in this field, to increase the reach and impact of research, and to influence policy at the highest levels."

Humanity & Social Sciences Journal   has some articles about social change topics, for example, "Corruption and Development in Africa: Challenges for Political and Economic Change" by Gbenga Lawal, (Jan-June 2007) and "Globalisation and Development: The Implications for the African Economy" by Gbenga Lawal (Sept-Dec 2006).
Most of the journals from IDOSI are science in nature  

International Journal of Economic Sciences and Applied Research    published by the by the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology.

International Journal of Sustainable Future for Human Security   This journal "originated from the need to provide an inter-disciplinary forum where the most serious problems affecting a sustainable future for human security can be discussed"

International Social Science Review   The journal is twice a year, and has a couple of articles, and many book reviews. Some of the articles and book reviews are about social change 

Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation (JASSS)   an interdisciplinary journal for the exploration and understanding of social processes by means of computer simulation

Journal of Economic and Financial Modelling   new in 2013. One of the articles in volume 1 is "An examination of the remittance, financial development, and economic growth in developing countries"

Journal of International Commerce and Economics  This journal provides "insightful and in-depth analysis on current and emerging issues in international trade. ... The journal relies primarily on USITC staff research."  One article from July 2008 is "The Link Between Openness and Long-Run Economic Growth"    "We review the most cited empirical analyses of the relationship between international trade and economic growth and more recent empirical analyses of the link between trade and productivity growth. We conclude that there is likely to be a positive relationship between international trade and economic growth."

Journal of Public and International Affairs   by the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs     
Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs. Some articles include  "Toward the Reunification of Cyprus: Defining and Integrating Reconciliation into the Peace Process" and "Moving Beyond Kosovo: Envisioning A Coherent Theory of Humanitarian Intervention".

Journal of Social Science  Some recent articles are "Economic Growth and Unemployment: An Empirical Analysis", Fuad M. Kreishan, and A Study of Urban Quality of Life in a Developing Country, Sedigheh Lotfi, Amin Faraji, Husain Hataminejad and Ahmad Pourahmad, March 2011, Volume 7, #2.
Most of the journals   are science, a few are statistics

Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa   This journal is "is the official journal for sustainable development in Africa"   not exactly a journal, but " is an academic collaborative blog. Its mission is threefold: firstly, to maximise the economic and social impact of population research through engagement with policymakers, industry, the media and other stakeholders; secondly, to raise the profile of demography and population studies as a discipline; and thirdly, to enhance links between researchers around the world."

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences   has a social science section with occasional articles of interest. Articles appear to be free after one year.

Reviews in History   book reviews

Seton Hall Journal of Diplomacy and International Relations   is the official semiannual publication of the School of Diplomacy and International Relations at Seton Hall University

Studies of Changing Societies: Comparative and Interdisciplinary Focus    .

The Wilson Quarterly   some selected essays, for example, "Africa's Village of Dreams", Jeffrey Sachs’s approach to fix poverty.

World Economic Review   from the World Economic Association. One article from the 2015 issue is "Global Growth, Inequality and Poverty Eradication in a Carbon-Constrained World".
    Also see Real World Economic Review   One article from Feb 2015 is "Did globalisation stimulate increased inequality?"


Asia-Pacific Population Journal     

Canadian Studies in Population   many studies of Canada, but also about demography and other countries

Demographic Research   "publishes demographic research and related material from the full range of disciplines that bear on demography"

Genus     "GENUS is an online peer-reviewed - open access - Journal of Population Sciences published by the Sapienza University of Rome"

International Journal of Population Research   publishes papers on demography and population-related issues.

Population and Vital Statistics Report: Series A   This "presents most recent data on population size (total, male and female) from the latest available census of the population, national official population estimates and the number and rate (births, deaths and infant deaths) for the latest available year after 1988." (except the first edition on this page is from 2006).


Directory of Open Access Journals   for a whole bunch of other journals, not necessarily related to social change.

Academic Journals   has a number of journals relating to social change. Some examples include

    African Journal of Political Science and International Relations  

    Journal of Economics and International Finance  

    International Journal of Peace and Development Studies  

Cogitatio has a couple of journals, such as
    Social Inclusion  

    Politics and Governance  

Sciknow   has a number of journals of potential interest such as Journal of Macroeconomic Dynamics Research, and Open Journal of Social Science Research.

Journals online   The current journals online include sets: Bangladesh Journals Online, Latin America Journals Online,  African Journals Online, bunch more. Most of the Bangladesh Journals Online look like medical journals. Many (but not all) of the African Journals Online  are open text, and are in all areas, like economics, sociology, anthropology, agriculture, biology, chemistry, history.

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