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Designing Evaluations, 2012 Revision (Supersedes PEMD-10.1.4), GAO-12-208G, Jan 31, 2012   This methodology transfer paper addresses the logic of program evaluation designs. It introduces key issues in planning evaluation studies of federal programs to best meet decision makersí needs while accounting for the constraints evaluators face. It describes different types of evaluations for answering varied questions about program performance, the process of designing evaluation studies, and key issues to consider toward ensuring overall study quality.

Program Evaluation: A Variety of Rigorous Methods Can Help Identify Effective Interventions
GAO-10-30 November 23, 2009   Several rigorous alternatives to randomized experiments are considered appropriate for other situations: quasi-experimental comparison group studies, statistical analyses of observational data, and--in some circumstances--in-depth case studies. The credibility of their estimates of program effects relies on how well the studies' designs rule out competing causal explanations. Collecting additional data and targeting comparisons can help rule out other explanations. GAO concludes that (1) requiring evidence from randomized studies as sole proof of effectiveness will likely exclude many potentially effective and worthwhile practices

You can find a list of some of their available material at
Special Publications: Evaluation Research and Methodology

Including these

Case Study Evaluations PEMD-10.1.9, November 1990   summary here   

The Evaluation Synthesis PEMD-10.1.2, March 1992   summary here  full report here 

Performance Measurement and Evaluation: Definitions and Relationships. GAO-11-646SP  May 2, 2011.  

Prospective Evaluation Methods: The Prospective Evaluation Synthesis. PEMD-10.1.10. November 1990. Guidance.  77 pp. plus 3 appendices (21 pp.)   

Quantitative Data Analysis: An Introduction. PEMD-10.1.11. June 1992. Guidance. 110 pp   summary here   full report here 

Using Structured Interviewing Techniques. PEMD-10.1.5. July 1991. Guidance. 92 pp. 
    abstract here  

A couple of other books at the GAO website not listed there are these.

Developing and Using Questionnaires PEMD-10.1.7 October 1993 238 pp.   summary here  Old, but still very good.

Using Statistical Sampling, PEMD-10.1.6, from 1992.  summary here     

Content Analysis: A Methodology for Structuring and Analyzing Written Material. PEMD-10.3.1. September 1, 1996. Guidance. 57 pp.  

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