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The World Wide Evaluation Information Gateway   International gateway providing access to a variety of web resources of interest to students and researchers working in the field of Social Policy.  Links to methods, also to data, email lists, other resources.  Very comprehensive.   If you can't find it at our evaluation resources site, you can find it here!

links at American Evaluation Association  pretty comprehensive list of links to evaluation resources

The portal site of   "This site provides information to evaluators around the world about evaluation, its events and methods. It intends to facilitate stakeholders’ networking and joint work." In French, links to organizations, conferences, resources, etc.

CDC's resource page   lists manuals, journals, organizations, etc.

Bureau of Justice Assistance Evaluation Web Site    Mostly links to evaluation resources.

Welcome to QualPage: resources for qualitative researchers.   mostly links to other qualitative pages


Qualitative Research Resources on the Internet    links to qualitative methods pages.  Includes  The Qualitative Report    An online journal dedicated to qualitative research and critical inquiry since 1990.  Many very good articles about how to do qualitative research.

Evaluation Portal   Evaluation Portal with evaluation information about the community, books, societies, glossaries, projects, conferences, standards, journals, a panel, and more.

Betty Jung's links page   links to lots of eval resources

Cyfernet    Then click on evaluation, and then on Designing a Program Evaluation  for links to evaluation resources. 

Statistics Internet Library   links to lots of free stuff about statistics.


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