ORGANIZATIONS  Major organizations that deal with program evaluation or applied research.
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American Evaluation Association. See their 'documents', including "Guiding Principles for Evaluators" and "Program Evaluation Standards". Also see their 'lists and links' page.

American Statistical Association and the Survey Research Methods Section (SRMS)    See especially SRMS's What is a Survey series, some of which are available on the web, as pdf files, for example, "more about mail surveys", "margin of error", and "what are focus groups".

Canadian Evaluation Society   home of Canadian Evaluation Society Project in Support of Advocacy and Professional Development    a project to develop answers to these questions  "How can program evaluation help my organization?"  "What exactly do program evaluators do, anyway?"  "What skills and knowledge do I need to succeed as an evaluator?"

Community of Evaluators   Their website says: The Goal of the CoE is – “to promote and enhance the quality of the theory and practice of evaluation in South Asia and to contribute to the same, particularly from a South Asian perspective, globally”

European Evaluation Society   especially see some interesting papers.

European Survey Research Association  They "provide coordination in the field of Survey Research in Europe....encourage communication between researchers."   Also have the on line journal listed on the research page of my website.

Evaluation Capacity Development Group   Mission: “to bring together diverse perspectives dedicated to developing evaluation capacity within organizations through tools, resources, and communication that facilitate others meeting their mission.”

The Evaluation Center at Western Michigan    among the things that are free there, are some checklists about doing evaluation.

Global HIV M&E Information    they have alll sorts of information including pamphlets on how to do various things

Institutional Learning and Change Initiative   they have a bibliography (listed in "library") and a tools and methods section that "summarizes methods, tools and approaches for monitoring and evaluation of collaborative projects."

International Initiative for Impact Evaluation   A new initiative.  From their founding document, "an international effort of willing partners has agreed to collaborate in lifting some of the constraints that hinder the production and use of such systematic evidence in policymaking, with attention focused on the subset of evaluation studies that measure impact."

International Development Evaluation Association   Their mission: "To advance and extend the practice of development evaluation by refining methods, strengthening capacity and expanding ownership."

The International Institute for Qualitative Methodology   This " is a multidisciplinary institute at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The institute was founded in 1998, with the primary goal of facilitating the development of qualitative research methods across a wide variety of academic disciplines."

International organization for cooperation in evaluation   is a loose coalition of regional and national evaluation organizations from around the world that is dedicated to building leadership and capacity in developing countries, fostering the cross-fertilization of evaluation theory and practice around the world, and assisting the evaluation profession to take a more global approach to contributing to the identification and solution of world problems.

National Centre for Research Methods    especially see their publications: some literature reviews, about informed consent and imputation.

Oregon Program Evaluators Network  

PREVAL    specializing in Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Systematization of projects for alleviating rural poverty in Latin American and the Caribbean

Tactical Tech   is an organization dedicated to the use of information in activism.

Worldbank also has this group    Independent Evaluation Group (IEG). Has some docs about doing evaluation, but you have to search. Like this one: Monitoring and Evaluation: Some Tools, Methods and Approaches  

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