GENERAL METHODS, and links that don't fit elsewhere
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Also see the books, manual, guides section.  Some of the links are to sources that have general methods.  For example, see the Knowledge Base link, and other links.

"What Constitutes Credible Evidence in Evaluation and Applied Research?"   Debates on "the realities of using randomized control trials (RCTs), and the need for serious academic scholarship to inform evaluation."  Also see videos of presentations

Organizations   "A news service focusing on developments in monitoring and evaluation methods relevant to development projects with social development objectives." Has announcements of conferences, jobs, books.  Also, some papers are on the Mande site, for example, Networks section, The Evaluation of Networks part has "Evaluating International Social Change Networks: A Conceptual Framework for a Participatory Approach." Ricardo Wilson-Grau and Martha Nunez

Their email list   talk to other evaluators about evaluating international aid.   "provides a free resource to researchers, students and university teachers who are interested in learning more about anything to do with research methods." This is from Sage. One of the resources they provide is free access to an article of the month from one of their journals.

Centre for Excellence in Evaluation.   see their resources page for a whole bunch of stuff about how to develop evaluation units, review quality of evaluation, then see their research page for this Conference on Cost-Effectiveness in Evaluation

Evaluation Checklist Project   checklists on evaluation.   This organization links to reports from non profits. Some of the reports are
    State of Evaluation 2010: Evaluation Practice and Capacity in the Nonprofit Sector  
    Evaluating Workforce Programs: A Guide to What Policymakers Need to Know to Structure Effective, User-Friendly Evaluations  
    Are We There Yet? A Communications Evaluation Guide  
    Demystifying Outcome Measurement in Community Development  
    Guidelines for Evaluating Nonprofit Communications Efforts  


Bob Williams home page   See the free resources page for some interesting writings, works in progress and links, such as TEN THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EVALUATION, and others.

Karsten Weitzenegger   has a lot of interesting information, for example a blog page   with evaluation news

Specific topics

Statistical literacy

International Statistical Literacy Project   Aid in the development of statistical literacy around the world.

Statistical Literacy   studies summary statistics used in everyday arguments.  Statistical literacy helps people read and interpret numbers in graphs, tables, statements and studies.

Applying Statistics

Statistics and Public Policy   open access, An Official Journal of the American Statistical Association. This journal "publishes papers that apply strong statistical methodology to problems in the realm of public policy and /or relevant political science.  Articles may address international, national, or local policy questions, and the emphasis is upon the application rather than methodological novelty."


Statistical Methods for Rater Agreement   "This site is a resource for the analysis of agreement among raters, diagnostic tests, observers, judges or experts. It contains background discussion on different methods, examples, references, software, and information on recent methodological developments."  

How to present negative results  tips from Jessica Sinclair Taylor

Robert Hanneman's free text on social network analysis

Evaluation of information sources    links to web sites that have info on how to evaluate web sites. 

A plea for practical evaluation   an essay by George Balch and Sharyn Sutton about issues and problems of practical evaluation.

Just Plain Data Analysis: Companion Website   companion to a book, but has some of the topics here, a little bit about Reversing causal direction, and Ecological Fallacy, and the Hawthorne effect.

Drawn to Science Education   has a section about "how drawings can be used as evidence to support research on science teaching and learning" - using drawings as a method of research. See their research page. This is from the University of Maryland, funded by NSF.

Evaluation is an every day activity   evaluation blog by Molly Engle

Email lists:  I don't list any because others have comprehensive lists.  See     click on links and then mailing lists. Some good lists are Evaltalk, methods and SRMS. 

American Evaluation Association list of email lists    including evaltalk and others..

Real World Evaluation   Share ideas for conducting evaluations of international development projects under less than ideal conditions.
This is one email list.

EvalCentral   a blog of blogs


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