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American Evaluation Association

American Evaluation Association youtube channel   has some videos about various aspects of evaluation. One example is "AEA 12 International Series: Evaluation Jitters Part One - Planning for an Evaluation"

American Evaluation Association has a couple of sets of webinars available to the public. 
Monitoring & Evaluation   co sponsored by Catholic Relief Services, Red Cross and US AID

Better Evaluation webinars, from AEA coffee break  


CDC Coffee Breaks: Evaluation Mini-Trainings    "how to write an evaluation plan, to deciding which evaluation technique to use, to developing  a logic model, and much more." The webinars are from 2010. The more recent lessons are just pdfs.

Using Evaluation to Reduce the Burden of Asthma: a Web-based introduction to CDCís Framework for Program Evaluation   webinars and ppt slides. Getting started, engaging stakeholders, gathering data, using findings, etc


My M&E has  some videos   lectures by various people about evaluation. 

Claremont College Lectures on Applied Psychology and Evaluation Science   search at the top for evaluation.

Introduction to Program Evaluation   skip the first 6 minutes. From Jennifer Rienks and Katie Gillespie, UCal, San Francisco. 2012

Intro to survey research   James Neill, professor at Canbarra. This page links to a bunch of other videos about research methods.  
his university page is here  

An Overview of Qualitative Research Methods   "Barbara Bowers, PhD, RN, FAAN, gives an overview of qualitative research methods, how to select the appropriate qualitative method, when and how to use qualitative methods in a mixed methods study and some tips for writing a grant proposal using qualitative research methods."

What is Program Evaluation?   by Dr. Jason Campbell.  Dr. Campbell is professor at Nova Southeastern University     This seems more like organizational analysis.

Adventures in Evaluation podcasts   by James Coyle and Kylie Hutchinson, one an evaluation in an organization, and one an independent evaluator. This site has some podcasts about evaluation, along with some links and other info. One podcast, from 2014, is a chat with Michael Scriven.

Crash Course psychology research methods    pretty good description of methods

SEA Change,   an organization monitoring and evaluating climate change interventions, has a couple webinars.

Research Methods in Psychology, Part 1   research methods. from the Annenburg Foundation. Leans toward experimental design, controlled studies. etc. Links to the other parts. One person commented that this video is 20 years old.

Yes, Prime Minister survey   a funny look at how to get the answers you want

Dancing statistics: explaining the statistical concept of correlation   very interesting explanation of correlation

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