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2011, updating population reports.

2009 to 2011, prepared a set of pamphlets "Beginners guides on measuring the progress of societies". These are available on our website and on the Wikiprogress website.

January 2009, adding a bunch of stuff to bottom of pages, like contact, copyright, return to top, to main page, all to aid navagation and ease of use.

January 2009, won another Gadzillion award.

December 2008, Won another award, from Rudolf's Wander Award, and one more from Moon Lady

November/December 2008.  Redesigning the site. Hope to make it look better!

January 2008. Won 7 awards this month.

March 2007. Added a page linking to journals of social, political and economic change.

February 2007. Won the Ciosbahn's CSB award and the Vie's Inn of Wonders' Award.

October 2006. In the reviews of theory page, added a section about Karl Polanyi.

August/September 2006.  Site redesign! Changed name of project to "Understanding the world today," changed look of a couple of pages, added "to top" to several pages for easier getting around, changed privacy/legal/disclaimer statements, changed counter to increase privacy.

July/September 2006. More awards, from Internet Beacon, LambeauBear, David's Awards Program, Roz Awards.

Last modified September 2011.

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