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The information made available here is provided as a public service.  Information and links in this section are not intended to be advice or suggestions for any action or inaction.  Any actions taken by visitors are totally the responsibility of the visitors. None the less, I hope they are useful.   click on the correct meaning of words and they donate rice. 
    Listed in these news stories at UN  

Ecology fund   rainforest, pollution, etc.
   The state of Washington lists the ecology fund here   and has details about how much of the money they collect goes to charity.
   zero waste lists it here 

care2    the usual, clock to donate
   care2 is listed here   Feed a child in India listed as a reference in this journal article by Ramanan and Vivek is also mentioned in this Times of India article   
The page also lists but i can't find it at any other govt or edu site

Open access to information

These sites are about commitment to open access to data, research, other things...

Open Knowledge Foundation   The OKF is "dedicated to promoting open data and open content in all their forms – including government data, publicly funded research and public domain cultural content."

The Open Data Research network   "Governments, civil society organisations and companies across the world are actively engaging with open data: publishing and using datasets to promote innovation, development and democratic change. The Open Data Research network has been established to connect researchers from across the world working to explore the implementation and impact of open data initiatives."

World Summit on Information Society   see the  Geneva Declaration of Principles
including  28.  "We strive to promote universal access with equal opportunities for all to scientific knowledge and the creation and dissemination of scientific and technical information, including open access initiatives for scientific publishing."

Wikinomics and the Era of Openness: European Innovation at a Crossroads   From The Lisbon Council.  
     "A timely contribution to the Europe 2020 strategy, this e-brief explores the changing nature of innovation, towards more open, collaborative and inter-disciplinary systems. Entitled Wikinomics and the Era of Openness: European Innovation at a Crossroads, the study demonstrates how Europe can benefit from participating in a global movement to share knowledge, raise creativity and encourage social innovation."

Maps that show the world adjusting country size depending on the variable of interest

World Mapper    A different version of maps of the world by population, health, other things. Pretty neat. Maps are proportional to representation, eg., gdp  shows the west large, and Africa small.

Gapminder world   from Gapminder.  Some maps or charts here 
    Look at one use of gapminder   looking at the relationship between human rights and other variables

Show world   maps showing country size by population, ecology, economy, conflict. Seems to be sponsored by world bank, UN, WHO, and so on.

UN Human Development Report   has maps of human development and poverty

WHO Global Atlas    interactive or static mapping of health

World Bank    has maps on various topics

FAO   world hunger

Maps and data   has maps, although some data are old.

Making Maps

DevInfo   Devinfo "is a tool for organizing, storing and presenting data in a uniform way to facilitate data sharing at the country level across government departments, UN agencies and development partners."

google public data exlorer   make various graphs and charts
also see google fusion tables   you have to log in to get access to this
also see google charts 

StatPlanet   can make world maps

see this page for more  

Other (in no particular order)
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The Californial Digital Library   has a Scholarship Editions   has many free books on line, but you have to search. For example searching for "Social Change" returns a number of interesting books, such as the following: (click on Show only public titles)   (this site may not show up in some versions of netscape, but the books below do.)

    and many others, about specific countries, regions and more....

The 100 People   "The project will find and capture in film, photography, music and text 100 individuals who represent the global population... This World Portrait will be used to make an introduction between the peoples of the earth and to facilitate a greater understanding of the diversity and the commonalities among us.

The IR Theory web site   This site is useful for studying political change, because it has interesting stuff about international relations.  "International Relations (IR) theory entails the development of conceptual frameworks and theories to facilitate the understanding and explanation of events and phenomena in world politics; as well as the analysis and informing of associated policies and practices."

Zunia,  News, discussion, announcements.  from development gateway  

Online Economics Textbooks   links to on line texts.

Everyday Economics   A series of colorful booklets explaining fundamental economic concepts for high school students.

World Transformation     " Here you will find a cornucopia of ideas, resources, connections, information, inspiration and surprises, all aimed at growing, creating or discovering a world that works better for all of us."

Technocapitalism    From the site, technocapitalism is about "a new form of market capitalism that is rooted in technological invention and innovation.  It can be considered an emerging era, now in its early stage, that is supported by such intangibles as creativity and knowledge."

The Economics Web Institute   This site is a growing hyper-text for an evolutionary analysis of the economy and "freely offers you to explore classical and innovative issues in economics and management, drawing on theoretical reflections, real data, and interactive software models."

Radix - Radical Interpretations of Disaster   "It is meant as a home for discussion, working papers, opinion pieces, resources, links that can help to develop radical interpretations of and radical solutions (see resources for low cost rural rebuilding) for ALL disasters in ALL parts of planet earth."

The International Professors Project   This "is a non-profit global network of Professors who have begun working as academic “citizens of the world” on university campuses in the developing world. Our professors teach, mentor and conduct local research as they internationalize college and university faculties in their host countries."

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime   "is a global leader in the fight against illicit drugs and international crime." The UNODC has an interesting project,
     The Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking   "The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), with financial support from the Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates, has therefore set in motion a Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN.GIFT). The process, formally launched in London on 26 March 2007, is designed to have a long-term impact to create a turning point in the world-wide fight against human trafficking."

You Can Make a Difference   from Earl Babbie.   they let you lend money to entrepreneurs in the developing world so they can empower themselves. is listed here:
     FDIC Quarterly, 2011 Volume 5, Number 1   see the featured article, Microenterprise Development: A Primer, page 40, talks about Kiva.
      Disaster Microcredit:  A Mechanism for Recovery(PDF), September 2010    see section 5.1 on page 11, gives Kiva as an example of microcredit.


Some new on line encyclopedias to which visitors can contribute.

Citizendium   people write under their own names. 
I (Dr Shackman) contributed to citizendium 

Citizendium founder, Larry Sanger, was a speaker here  
and here 
and listed here along with citizendium  


Scholarpedia mentioned here  

Not social change, but ...

My site of list of links to free resources for methods in evaluation and social research

My son made this page   asking for donations.  This is part of World Wildlife Fund, donations for wildlife.

Washed up   marine trash, reborn as art. by Deb Ris.

Physics in a minute  
    listed here   

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