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Presentations are copyright by Gene Shackman, but may be freely used by anyone.  We ask that proper citation is given.

Poptrends    powerpoint slides of population trends, 1960-2003, by more/less developed and by regions.

USDA GDP trends.    powerpoint slides of GDP trends, by world regions, and selected countries, 1970 to 2007.

EIA GDP trends    powerpoint slides of GDP trends, by world regions, 1980-2002. Data had been on the US Energy Information Administration web site. Similar data are now on the USDA web site. See above and PD_useful.xls on the data page.

Energy production by type    Pdf trends of energy consumption, energy consumption per capita, energy production, energy production, energy production per capita, 1980-2002, by world region. Data from the US Energy Information Administration.

last updated April 2007