Videos About Global Social Change
  Home   from the tv show. Videos on various history topics.  Some are full episodes.

How stuff works   has videos about history, geography, health, other topics.

Wide Angle video bank from WNET in NY   videos of several themes, conflict, migration, human rights, power, economics. Stories about the people.  Also here   from PBS

Economic network   on many topics, some of which are history or related.  I also can't seem to load some of them.   had movies on lots of topics.  In particular, look at this category  

Kenneth Pomeranz Explores Reasons Why the Industrial Revolution Succeeded in Europe But Failed in East Asia  

Academic Earth   has some history lectures of interest.

video lectures    has some lectures that might be of interest, for example, Democracy as a Concept of Political Responsibility of the People.   except that some of the videos don't say who it is that's speaking, so you can't determine the reliability.

itunes university   bunch of on line lectures.  I'm not sure how to get specific lectures from here, but many universities seem to have itunes, like
UC Berkely   

youtube education    has some lectures of interest. For example:
   Stanford University lectures   with some of historical interest

   There is also Utube University   with some history videos.


Youtube has other misc videos of interest, but have to search.
Joseph Stiglitz - Problems with GDP as an Economic Barometer  

The Story of Stuff   videos on a number of topics. 
One is The Story of Citizens United v. FEC (2011)      about how corporations became "people" so they could contribute to political campaigns.   The Story of Stuff project is here   which links to videos etc. Don't know why but I can't control volume on the story of stuff website.
   The story of stuff is listed here      

Youtube also has a teachers history channel   by Amy Burvall  
Some ... interesting presentations, such as
    Ms. Burvall is featured here
        in this fox news story  
        Honolulu magazine story  
        Washington Post story  

Recently, youtube has a Crash Course channel.   wide variety of topics, some related to social change. by John and Hank Green.
    The world history set is here  
    Human Population Growth - Crash Course Ecology #3    population growth
    Globalization I - The Upside: Crash Course World History #41  

    Don't know anything about the Greens, but they or crash course was featured on:
    kqed, public media for northern California  
    Huffington Post  
    The Chicago Tribune  

Research Channel at you tube  
                The Digital Evolution and International Competitiveness     
                Sherman's march  
        The Research Channel was from U of Maryland, Baltimore County, according to this story  
        but the site for research channel doesn't appear to be working any more.

American Experience   various topics in US history  

Watch documentary   videos from various people, don't really know anything about some of them. But some from History Channel too.

C.G.P. Grey has some videos   kind of related, like the Debt Limit Explained.
  Mr. Grey is mentioned here  

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