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These are basic guide handouts  designed as introduction to evaluation for those without technical backgrounds.  The series is:

What is program evaluation: A beginners guide

These handouts each focus on one particular question or issue of program evaluation.    This one focuses on: What is program evaluation. 6/9/09, revised 11/15/09   This one focuses on: What are the evaluation questions. Using logic models to find the questions for the evaluation. 6/10/09   This one focuses on: What are the methods of evaluation, briefly listing the methods. 6/10/09   This one focuses on: surveys. 6/10/09    This one focuses on: observation, interviews, focus groups. 6/10/09   This one focuses on: cause, how to determine whether a program caused it's intended
outcome. 6/10/09. Revised 12/31/09

These each focus on  specific challenges to evaluation   This one focuses on one of the major challanges in evaluation: getting an answer to the question about whether the program has an effect. 10/17/09. Revised 11/12/09 and again in 12/31/09   This one focuses on another major challange in evaluation: whether the evaluation results are useful to people involved in the program. 10/18/09. Revised 11/12/09

This version includes ideas about the entire evaluation process, all in one handout.     What is evaluation, methods design, questions. 5/4/09, revised 2/12/10

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