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The goal of this site is to bring together knowledge of our social, political and economic world. Where we are, how we got here, and where we are  going.
  A solid understanding of the world is the first step for improving living conditions of all people throughout the world.   More


This section has  ReportsBasic Guides to the World ,  Data sets and Presentations  all about major global social, demographic, economic and political trends in the last several decades, about topics such as aging, poverty, globalization, democracy, terrorism, literacy, quality of life, and more.  We also have a report about theory of change, how to understand all the changes that have been happening.


Links to other sites with
Theory , Research , Data , Basic Profiles and History ,and  Software that are useful in studying social change. 

We also link to
Organizations, Journals , Future studies and resources, History videos, Educational classes pages, and pages that are Links to other links and to Other pages of topics that don't exactly fit the other categories, including click to donate, open access, maps and other stuff.

We link to web sites about Critical Topics such as global warming, terrorism and sustainable development.

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Economic growth, pocket guide   

Is Life Getting Better: Beginners guides on measuring the well-being and progress of societies    


OECD's Better Life Index

Sustainable Society Index

Community Indicators Consortium

World of Statistics ;

How Was Life? Global Well-being since 1820 and summaries

The Hunger site
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Change.org Find and sign petitions for various causes

Good Search Donate to your favorite cause while searching

Public Social Science Linkedin page: Make social science research understandable.

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