Free Resources for Program Evaluation and Social Research Methods

This page lists FREE resources for Program Evaluation and Social Research Methods.  The focus is on "how-to" do program evaluation and social research: surveys, focus groups, sampling, interviews, and other methods.  Most of these links are to resources that can be read over the web.

Protecting the public   Visit here first!  This page has links to information about human research protection practices, research codes and guidelines, rights of the public, professional standards and ethics and others related to protection.  I hope the links listed here are very helpful, because this is stuff to which all researchers should pay serious attention.

Social Research Methods and Program Evaluation Resources

Basic guides   These have very plain and clear descriptions of what evaluation is. Useful to introduce people to evaluation.


Methods - books, manuals, guides to research methods and evaluation

Approaches to evaluation  , evaluator competencies, politics of evaluation and logic models.

Survey methods

Sites specifically about sampling

Methods - Qualitative

Policy Analysis

Research about research methods   Journals, individual papers, conferences, etc.

General methods, and links that don't fit elsewhere

Links to links   Sites like this one, that link to resources for evaluation and research methods.

Gao books  on survey design, statistics, content analysis, other methods topics.

Statistics, design

Data Issues. Quality, usability, etc... I'm working on this one.

Free software for statistics, and a few office suite packages

Presenting results, statistical data and preparing research reports

subject areas you need to know social psychology, organizations, other

Free Statistical Tools on the Web   brief review of free statistical resources. 

Insights   insights about evaluation from various people. only a few so far.

Training  on line training courses.

Videos about program evaluation or research methods. This includes recorded webinars.
Featured sites

What is program evaluation: A set of beginners guides to Program Evaluation and Social Research Methods

EvalPartners  an "international evaluation partnership to strengthen Civil Society's evaluation capacities"

Genuine Evaluation Patricia J Rogers and E Jane Davidson blog about real, genuine, authentic, practical evaluation

Statistics Without Borders   free statistical assistance on international health issues, from American Statistical Association.

Better Evaluation  International collaborative to improve evaluation.

Free statistical software

World of Statistics 

Other sites of interest

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Find many resources about evaluation at any of these links portals


Resources for Methods in Evaluation and Social Research,
 Evaluation Portal: Link Collection,
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American Evaluation Association: Online resources list,
CDC Evaluation Working Group resources,

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